Welcome to reAwaken Your Mojo, exactly what you need to take your erotic pleasure to the next level!

reAwaken Your Mojo is everything you’ve ever hoped for to help you re-energise, re-ignite and re-imagine a deeply satisfying life of intimate connection and delicious sensuality.

  • Imagine waking up everyday feeling confident, alive and energised


  • Imagine feeling empowered in your masculine presence and energy


  • Imagine a life full of pleasure, sensuality and erotic intimacy

Why I created reAwaken Your Mojo

Hi there, I’m Rebecca and I created reAwaken Your Mojo because:

• I know you are ready to feel, embody and express your full erotic potential

• I know that you deeply desire to allow your full sexual self out of the prison you’ve kept it locked away in

• I know that you long for deeper connection, true intimacy and let’s face it, hotter sex! 


As an international authority on conscious sexuality, intimacy and self-awareness, I work with professional, successful men who are leaders in their field.

I help men to step into their full power, to create an impact and to add meaning and purpose to their lives, relationships and the world.

reAwaken Your Mojo is the result of years of formal training, professional experience and personal exploration combined with my deeply innate and intuitive intelligence.

“The experience was beyond words – you are a truly sensational person in many more ways than one and that you possess an incredible gift.” James

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Are you…


  • Ready to awaken your full erotic potential and experience the magnificent power of your sexual self? 


  • Ready to liberate yourself from whatever has been holding you back and allow your true sexual self to emerge?


  • Ready to ignite your passion, claim your masculine power and achieve your greatest pleasures yet?

“I was quite desperate when I came to you and if the truth be known I was not sure how much you would be able to help me. But you surpassed my greatest expectations and I will always be grateful to you for that. You are a truly amazing woman and have a very unique talent.” Richard

In reAwaken Your Mojo You’ll Learn the Secrets to…


  • Becoming a world-class lover


  • Powerful full body mastery  


  • Super charged stamina and lasting power


  • Increased confidence in the bedroom and beyond


  • Authentic masculine power


  • Creating deeper connections with others


  • What a woman really wants in bed and how to give it to her


  • Expand and explore your intimate possibilities

Are you ready to reAwaken YOUR Mojo? Click below to find out more or to book your Intro Mojo Session

  • Whether you’ve had your mojo in the past and somehow lost sight of it or maybe you’ve just never quite got it off the blocks, reAwaken Your Mojo is for you.


  • Perhaps something has got in the way, knocked your confidence or slowly worn you down over time.


  • Maybe you instinctively know that your life could be a million times more fulfilling and satisfying than it currently is.

How does reAwaken Your Mojo work?

Imagine you want to learn to play piano or to build a new physique. You know that both of those pursuits require time, focus and commitment. One or two lessons may be fun, but will not create excellence.

With that in mind, I created three bespoke programs to help you achieve long-lasting, far-reaching success.

Working closely together in this way, you will be fully supported, held and guided as you explore your unique life mastery.

 reAwaken Your Mojo is incredibly powerful and allows you to dive deep into your personal transformation.

At the completion of your program your Mojo will be reAwakened and alive! You will be more aligned with your powerful, true self than ever before.

Our time together will give you a safe space to explore yourself in a whole new way, opening up new realms of possibility across all areas of your life.

Wow, what can I say? Two sessions in and I can already see that my life will never be the same again.” Charles

Are you ready to reAwaken YOUR Mojo? Click below to find out more or to book your Intro Mojo Session

I took so much away from our sessions together you would not believe the change that has happened since I met you. My girlfriend and I are going from strength to strength and my confidence is sky high.” David

Not ready to reAwaken Your Mojo?